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Our Services

To provide assistance for your real estate needs! Whether renting, buying, or needing financial support, RDB Kase can help you transition to a better state of living.

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Communication is key and it's our primary goal.


Helping families find the perfect home for now or forever.


No matter what the pinch, we can support your short and long term financial needs from Bankruptcy to Eviction and everything in between.


Assist in building a business community through valued relationships and acquisitions.


Creating a thorough referral program that will lead to business growth for all parties.

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Our Values

Affiliated members MUST do all things professionally through Love and genuine partnership. Integrity is of most importance. All members will treat others with respect and professionalism. It is our responsibility in every interaction with our clients to realize the mutual gain in all transactions.There will be “No Discrimination”. Discrimination will not be tolerated. Having a diverse workforce as well as diverse clientele helps maintain focus on everyone’s needs/solutions.Christian based business. We always move with God.

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We are committed to conducting business fairly, honestly and ethically. We understand that this reflects on our “Brand” and do not take that lightly. We know that our success, reputation, and brand can only grow by serving our customers with integrity and respect. This will allow us to attract and retain the select partners to assist with creating the best most effective solutions.


We understand that it is true that you can succeed quickest and most effectively through helping others. “If you take the team out of teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?” Matthew Woodring Stover (Star Wars). Our agents, lenders, contractors, property managers, and investors working together create a community of great knowledge and experience to provide for any real estate need.


We strive to be fair in our choice of suppliers and consultants and are honest in all interactions with them. We choose our suppliers based on qualifications, price, and reputation. We expect our suppliers and others we do business with to be in compliance with the same values and regulations we have as a business partner.


All personal information will be disclosed for RDB Kase use only unless authorized. In relation, we have the responsibility in safeguarding and protecting personal information for the efficient use of RDB Kase. Items such as these include: Cash, checks, drafts, charge cards, etc. Business conversation Business time. Personal information (address, loan information, etc.)


To deliver the dream of home ownership for new homebuyers; provide an excellent living experience with exclusive value for rental residents; We provide our clients with communication, care and service that exceeds expectations and allows one to live, work and thrive in their communities.


To develop a business community that continues to grow with the economy, technology and environment. This community will be able to provide solutions in all aspects of real estate; allowing people to pursue their passion and purpose with guidance and accountability to make their mark and provide generational wealth for their families and community.

strategic leadership

Our Founder

Jotiva Hobbs -- Founder

RDB Kase Founder, Jotiva Hobbs has worked 20+ years in corporate space for a fortune 100 company where he has managed the Industrial Engineering Department. His roles in management include:

  • Forecasting daily volume levels and holiday planning.
  • Creating Standard Operating Plans for over a hundred operations.
  • Work methods and measurement of 26 manufacturing operations.
  • Reviewing facility capacity constraints and developing solutions for profitable yearly earnings.
  • Justification and purchasing of new technology.
  • Training and Development of newly hired engineers.
  • Staff planning for both manufacturing and Engineering personnel.
  • Coordinator of new technology implementation and new building design

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